Business Plus Terms of Service

Date of Last Revision: April 2016

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Using our Services
Software in our Services
Framing & Linking
Purchase of Services
Account Registration
Account Administrators
Term and Automatic Renewal
Modifying and Terminating our Services
Support & Feedback
Export Restrictions
Limited License

Our Policies

Privacy Policy
Security Policy
Communications Policy
Payment Processing Policy
Taxes & Fees Policy
Prohibited Use of Services
Prohibited Acts
Prohibited Use of Services

Our Warranties & Disclaimers

Warranty Disclaimer
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Trademarks & Service Marks
Third Party Links
International Use
Passive Conduit Role
Disclaimer of Data Storage Responsibilities
Access to Account Data
Record / Information Gathering and Production
Export of Account Data
Publicity Rights

Liability for our Services

Governing Law, Venue, and Dispute Resolution
Limitation of Liability
Account Disputes
Access to Account Data or Customer Communications
Third Party Rights
Enforceability and Admissibility
Waiver, Modification, and Assignment

Billing & Payment

Value, Ownership, and Expiration of Credits
Membership & Product Fees
Taxes & Fees
Billing for Mid-Term Transactions
Service Changes
Late Payments
Form of Payment
Disputed Amounts
Service Availability
Discontinue Services

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